What Are Some Fun Things To Do During Quarantine?

Lockdowns and many restrictions throughout the world have kept us in houses for months, but oddly enough, there’s also a positive aspect here. Whether we like to admit it or not, the pandemic has exposed our hidden sides more than ever, and paradoxically, it brought some of us closer to others.

If you’re still under quarantine or you’re preparing for a new one for another pandemic, it’s great to know some of the exciting things that can make us have a great time:

Upload videos of you playing at your favourite instrument

Let yourself be creative and inspiring. People nowadays take online courses about anything, which means that you can clean the dust away from your piano or guitar and start showing your talent to the vast world of the internet. By doing so, you’ll not only have a lot of fun chatting with your fans – you’ll feel the pleasure of being creative and inspiring. You’ll even get the chance of earning some money.

How about cooking?

We have to admit that we all like to eat, so you could try to exploit this side of human nature. Make a blog or vlog and present your food recipes and how you cook them. You’ll be surprised how fast the traffic starts flooding your webpage!

Video calling

Video calling doesn’t necessarily have to be seen as a severe punishment. Getting more out of this insanely popular habit can be both entertaining and useful. You can meet new people online, learn more about their cultures, and plan meetings in real life as soon as you get the chance.


Playing one of the world’s most popular word games along with your friends represent one of the best things you can do during this pandemic. Scrabble trains your mind to solve problems more easily, and it can develop your language skills a lot. The mind game is available in over 30 languages and it’s sold in about 121 countries. You can use Scrabble Solver to easily win the game against your friends and if you are playing Words with Friends then you can use a WWF cheat to sneakily win the game.

Do you have your own ways to make your quarantine enjoyable? If so, don’t hesitate to tell us in a comment!

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