How To Compress PDF Without Losing Original Quality?

Compressing PDF files is very useful if you want to deal with files that don’t occupy too much storage space. A PDF compression tool will help you, especially if you have entire books written in the Portable Document Format (PDF) that you need to shrink.

Using PDF files instead of other formats when it comes to text files is a great idea. PDF files can easily be opened with various programs, and they offer the great advantage of compressing unlimited information into an easy-to-share file size.

Use Lua PDF

Lua is a free-to-use online app that can do all the work for you when it comes to compressing PDF files without losing the original quality. The first thing you must do is head over to, and you’ll immediately find a very friendly user interface equipped with all the main options. Just scroll down a bit, and you’ll see the ‘Compress PDF’ option in the right part of the screen. The file you need to compress has to have a maximum of 5MB.

Once you hit the ‘Compress PDF’ option, the rest is simple:

  1. Select ‘Choose PDF file’, or simply drag and drop the PDF file directly.
  2. Locate the wanted PDF file from your computer and select it.
  3. Wait for the online tool to finish the compression process.
  4. Enjoy the compressed PDF file!

The Lua app presents itself as ‘the best online PDF compressor’, and the compression process will start immediately without queuing. It doesn’t even matter what operating system you have installed on your computer if you want to use the Lua app. The software is available for all operating systems, regardless of the version of Windows, Linux, or Mac that you’re using.

Do you also need to convert your PDF files to other formats? The Lua app from can also do that for you – you can convert from PDF to PNG, JPG, and Word.

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