scientists encounter an enigmatic creature from the depths

During a deep sea expedition, scientists captured on video a creature as rare as it is strange: the octopus Dumbo.

They were able to film the animal, a “Grimpoteuthis” nicknamed in honor of the friendly elephant because of their similarities, especially because of its fins that resemble the ears of the star of Disney film.

The comparison stops there, since the little octopus is a predator that can be fierce, able to swallow its entire prey.

E/V Nautilus crew members, who filmed the creature from the depths off the coast of California with a remote-controlled vehicle, unveiled images of this exceptional meeting on the Internet last week. She performed at the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, inside an area that had not yet been explored by humans.

The octopus was located at a depth of about 10,500 feet below the surface of the water. It is this environment of difficult access that makes their study so complex. “It’s not a rare species, but it’s rare to find it,” chief scientist Chad King told Earther magazine.

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