iPad Users Expect Essential Improvements With iOS 13

Everyone that owns an iPad expects to get some interesting features with iOS 13. Here are some things we hope to see in the next version of the operating system from Apple. It’s important to notice that all the following features we want to see in the iOS 13 do not need a new iPad 2019 model, they’re just possible tweaks we all want to see for our current iPads.

Multiple Windows

When it comes to multitasking, Apple has done a great job. It’s easy to work in two apps at the same time and drag and drop between them but let’s raise the bar. For example, we’d like to compare to Word docs open at the same time so we can compare the content.

If two Safari tabs open side-by-side is possible, why not enable the option for other common apps?

iOS Files App Need an Overhaul

We’re looking at what other tablets, PCs and handsets have: the ability to read and write files to drives we connect through USB-C or Lightning. Right now, iOS tablets don’t have this ability.

A preview pane would also be a good addition Apple should consider.

Expanding the Workspace

Laptop users can attach their device to a second screen, so an iPad should also do it better than what it currently does. We want to see it not just let you mirror your actions to a screen, but make it a second screen – which will work amazingly with the multiple windows we mentioned in the beginning. And this also calls for one more feature.

Mice and Trackpads Support

We’ll need a mouse or trackpad support to interact with a secondary display.

Last but not least, we want more music!

Audio Input

There are many people who use the iPad for podcasts or music, and since the latest iPad Pro let you plug hubs in the USC-C ports, why not make the operating system cooperate?

If Apple says that the iPad is your next computer, it should offer some more features regarding simple tasks, productivity, and multitasking.

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