Best Free VPN services you should consider

best free vpn services

Are you looking for the best free VPN services?

Virtual Private Network allows users to anonymize their location on the web. These days a large number of people are using VPN on their phones, laptops, pads, tablets and all. Users can access restricted and/or censored websites with the use of VPN.

Best Free VPN services

  • Hotspot Shield Free VPN

This is a free vpn that allows you access over 25 location servers and IP addresses. The free version is easy to use, safe and secure. There are extra benefits from the VPN when you pay for its elite version.  However, this VPN is easy to use on mobile and PC. It is a good option to try.

  • Tunnel Bear

Unlike other free VPN, there is less stress in setting up. All it takes is downloading the app, turning it on and selecting the location of your choice. Tunnel Bear is also the safest option for your security. Finally, it consumes less data and can be used on mobile phones and PC.

  • Windscribe

Windscribe is a must use for everyone. Like other VPN, it is easy to use, fast and reliable. Added to those benefits, it does not store data connection and on every person referred by you, there is a brilliant reward attached to it. When you tweet your review, you earn more GB to access it. However, when your invited user upgrades their package, you automatically get a rewarding access.

  • Speedify

From the name, it is easy to tell that this free VPN is relatively fast and reliable. However, unlike other options above, it does not give enough GB data allowance for access but it is relatively fast and works with several ISPs.

  • Proton VPN Free

This VPN does not restrict you to a massive GB for access. It has unlimited access. The app is easy to use as it requires only your email to log in. It is the number one privacy backing VPN which can be used on any device. And it limits you to the number of device you can share with. If paid for, the VPN guarantees you a higher speed priority. The free VPN provides you with access to three locations, one device restriction and a lower access speed.

Do you have any other free VPN in mind? Drop us a comment below.

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