Garena Free Fire: Beginners’ Handy Guide, Tips and Tricks

If you’re new to Garena Free Fire and want to know something before you start heading into matches, you came to the right place. We have prepared a short and comprehensive guide for all the Free Fire beginners.

Garena Free Fire is indeed a great free to play battle royale that has over 73 million active players.

Garena Free Fire Guide

In The Game Lobby

Some basic things before starting the actual match:

Items are bought with in-game currency – gold for the common items and gems for the fancy ones.

You earn gold and experience after each match, depending on your performance.

The gems are sold for real-world money, and you can purchase with them weapons and armor, but they’re not necessary to do well in the matches.

Free Fire also has pets, which cost gems and you need to feed them with gems daily – however, there are special events when you can get them cheaper. You get to play with them, train them and feed them in the lobby, but apart from that, they don’t anything else.

After you start the match, you enter a lobby, where you see the other players that will fight on the island.

The lobby is good for learning the controls – running, aiming, shooting, ducking, and so on.

After you exit the lobby, you get sent to an airplane that will fly over the map.

Choosing the landing

In the plane you get to choose where you want to land – it’s a feature all battle royale games have. We have a detailed guide on the best landing spots here – Garena Free Fire: Where is the Best Place to Land?

In short:

– Want to be in the middle of the action? Go to the most crowded place.

– Want to be alone and make your way towards the enemies? Pick a secluded place like a village or a hill.

No matter the spot, choose an area that can cover you – with buildings or trees.

The Actual Match

Matches move very fast and last about 10 minutes.

It’s very important to grab loot as soon as you land – usually, it’s found near buildings. Stay low, and if you get your hands on an assault rifle, it’s a win for you.

You will need to head to the safe zone, which will gradually get smaller, making players outside the zone take damage if they don’t get into the smaller safe zone – this makes it easier to be found by other players.

The first games can be frustrating, but once you get the hang of it, after five-six matches, you’ll get a few kills.

Check out our guide that should help you win some matches: Garena Free Fire – How to Pick The Right Playstyle.

And if you’re interested in vehicles and wonder if they’re a good choice, here’s our Pros and Cons in Garena Free Fire regarding Vehicles.

Check back here for more Garena Free Fire news, updates and tips and tricks.

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