How to Fix Minecraft Crash Mac

fix minecraft crash mac

This tutorial is an how-to guide to fix the nagging Minecraft crash error in Mac.

Minecraft is a Java-based game, specially designed to run on Mac, Windows and Linux; although, it’s now supported on Android and iOS. And players on Mac, just like those on PC, have been complaining of a rather frustrating crashing error, which is typically encountered during startup or while playing the game.

If you’ve encountered (or you’re encountering) this crashing error in your Mac, herein is how to fix the error.

How to Fix Minecraft Crash Mac

This crashing error is usually encounter during startup/launch. And while many have attributed it to a bug in the Mac version of the game, neither Mojang nor Apple has acknowledged the error.

In any case, you can try some of the solutions below:

Solution 1: Restart Mac

Device reboot is arguably the most basic troubleshooting method across all platforms. Hence, try and restart your Macbook and see if the crashing error is fixed, before trying any advanced fix.

If Minecraft still crashes after restart, try the next method.

Solution 2: Upgrade Java

At times, when this error occurs in Mac (or PC), such device is probably running an outdated version of Java (below version 8). So, try and update your Mac’s Java program/package.

You can download the the latest/updated package of Java from the designated site, and install it on your Mac. See the official installation guide (how to install Java on Mac).

After successful installation, try launching Minecraft and see if the issue is resolved.

Solution 3: Update or Reinstall Minecraft

This error has been attributed (from many quarters) to a bug(s) associated with the Mac version of Minecraft. And while Mojang (Minecraft’s developer) and Apple (Mac’s developer) have been silent on this, it’s possible that the error has been fixed in the recent update(s).

So, ensure you install the latest update of the game, or better still, uninstall the game from your Mac, and reinstall a fresh/updated package from App Store or the designated download/installation site.

After successful update or reinstallation, launch the game. It should now launch/load fine.

Closing Note

While the solutions above should resolve the issue, it’s pertinent to ensure your Mac is standard enough to support Minecraft. Typically, Minecraft supports all Mac versions running on 10.9 Maverick (64-bit) or newer. Check the full requirements here.

Hope you were able to fix Minecraft crash on your Mac PC?

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