Fix: Moto G touch screen not working

moto g touch screen not working

There are two reasons why your Moto G touch screen may not be working. These reasons could be

  • Software damages
  • Hardware damages

To be sure what the reason behind the phone screen not working, we will carefully take a look at each reason.

  • Software damages

Your phone software damages can cause your phone screen to stop working. This could be caused by unused files stored in your cache, network, update or other software reasons.

Here’s how to clear cache on your Moto G phone:

Step 1: hold the power button along with the volume key of your phone.

Step 2: swipe and select option with your volume keys.

Step 3: follow promptly the instructions that will display on your phone screen. Use your volume key to select recovery mode.

Step 4: the next option is to select clear cache

Step 5: restart your phone.

If after following those steps above, your Moto G screen doesn’t respond, then its more or less likely an hardware problem.

  • Hardware damages

Hardware reasons are those physical reasons why your device screen might have stopped working. Some of those reasons might be that your device screen is bad or broken. Hardware damages require hardware/physical repair. To fix this hardware problem, you need to replace the touch screen with a new one. You can take your device to the nearest phone store or any Motorola store for screen replacement.

Hope you were able to resolve the Moto G screen not working problem? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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