7 Best Caller ID Faker iOS Apps

caller id faker iOS apps

Fake Caller app is an app that you can use to simulate fake calls to get you out of boring talks, awkward moments or annoying situations.

Here are some of the best fake caller apps you can use on your iOS device

  1. PrankDial: This is a fake caller app you can use to fake a call whenever you find yourself in a situation that you want to get out from. It has more than 150 fake calls and scenarios you can choose from.
  2. Fake-A-Call Free: this Fake caller app allows you to select the voice type to use and the script to play when you answer the phone.
  3. Escape Call Free: with this app, you can set up fake calls, choose a caller name, change the ring tone and contact type, and also set the time to receive the call
  4. Phone Booth Free 2: This fake caller ID has all the features of a typical fake caller app. However, it has a user interface that is 100% similar with an iPhone’s interface and you can also save your caller information settings for subsequent use.
  5. A Faker Free: this fake caller app also has a GUI that is identical to that of the iPhone. You can also choose your wallpaper, set up your caller image and save your call for future use. It also features a functional animated call slider.
  6. Who Called You: this is a fake call app that gives you more than 100 celebrities and VIPs you can use to set up fake caller ID. You can also choose from the various missed calls and text designs available. This app does not require an internet connection to function and it doesn’t interfere with incoming text messages.
  7. Best Fake Caller: with this app, you can receive fake calls, fake SMS, MMS and other fake caller app features. Also, the settings for fake calls, SMS and MMS can be customized to suit you.
  8. Fake Call LITE: This fake caller app is relatively easy to use and it allows you to set up fake caller name and time of the call. This app also features fake SMS which you get access to when you upgrade to a paid version.
  9. Prank Call Panda: This fake caller app has all the features of a fake caller app, but it gives its users access to free weekly updates of fake scenarios.

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