How to install the iOS 13 Beta

install the ios 13 beta

iOS 13 beta was released on 3rd June, with great new features and bug fixes. For iOS device users, this is a big leap forward. You can install iOS 13 Beta on your device through 3 options. But before doing so, you need to back up your device by following through the steps described.

Step 1: settings > iCloud settings > iCloud to back up all your information to the cloud

Step 2: Manually backup your content by turning on the ‘enable button’ for whatever you want to save e.g. your email, photos, messages, etc.

You can connect your device to your computer to physically back up your data to the computer.

You can turn on the iCloud backup to automatically back up your device overnight

Here’s how to install the iOS 13 Beta

Method 1: Sign up for the apple beta testing program for free

Signing up for Beta testing program gives you access to updates from iPhone 2 weeks after the release date, but it is absolutely free.

Method 2: Download iOS 13 Beta from the iOS portal

You can download iOS 13 beta from the iOS portal. This option will cost you $100, but you will get immediate access to updates from Apple once they are released.

Here’s how to do this:

Step 1: go to Apple’s website to download beta Profile on your phone.

Step 2: install the downloaded beta profile

Step 3: Settings > General > Profile

Step 3: tap the Install button

Step 4: Enter the passcode for unlocking your phone

Step 5: tap on the restart option to restart your iOS device

Step 6: Go to settings >> tap on General >> software update >> checking for update

Step 7: Wait while it downloads and installs

Method 3: Download Apple’s beta profile from third party website for free

This option is entirely dependent on you, but you get access to iOS 13 beta profile for free and proceed to update your iOS device to iOS 13 beta.

Hope you were able to install the iOS 13 Beta? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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