Logged Out on Garena Free Fire [Quick Fix]

garena free fire logged me out

Did Garena Free Fire logged you out unexpectedly? Well, it happened to me too.

I had come across the free fire game a long time ago. Found it to be very interesting and addictive. I could spend almost all my day on this game. Recently, I noticed that I’ve been going through different issues when playing the game. One annoying thing it does is logging me out unexpectedly. I didn’t know what to do. So I went online, I did some research. Luckily for me, I came across some helpful tips. I decided to try them out and it worked for me.

How to fix “Garena free fire logged me out” issue

If you get logged out unexpectedly when playing Garena Free Fire game; this might be caused by a low memory input. This simply explains that your system is lacking some memory space. However, you can fix this issue by taking some proactive measures that will help free some space on your device. The situation is very similar to that of lagging. Let’s look at some reasons and measures to take in order to fix the problem.

  1. Battery – You shouldn’t take up the habit of charging while you are running the game’s app.
  2. Close background applications – The experienced problem may be due to the fact that you are running other applications in your background. Ensure that you close other applications in the background before playing the game.
  3. Clear Cache – Cache is a temporary storage and needs to be erased for free fire to work perfectly. If you haven’t cleared caches before, then you should probably do it, you’ll see the difference. This can be done through Settings, right in the application manager.
  4. Close and Reopen the Game – If the problem still exists, close and reopen the game.
  5. Restart Device – Restart your device if the above strategies have not been helpful.
  6. Decrease Quality Of Graphics – Make sure this is done slightly from the configuration menu.

In Conclusion, any of the solutions we mentioned above should help you fix the Garena Free Fire logged out problem.

Hope you find this helpful?

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