How to Clear OneDrive Cache on iOS

clear onedrive cache on ios

OneDrive is one of the popular iOS apps which allow users to sync files easily from their device to the cloud. In addition, Microsoft Drive for iOS is one of the most downloaded iOS apps on the iOS App Store.

However, some iOS users have reported experiencing several issues relating to OneDrive on their devices. Some of the issues include frequent crashes, OneDrive not responding and slow speed during file syncing. If you encounter any of the OneDrive issues, it is not a necessity to reinstall OneDrive in order to fix the problem; however, you can clear OneDrive cache for absolute solution.

What is OneDrive Cache?

Cache files are script accumulated systematically to speed up the loading process of applications on a device. In the case of OneDrive iOS app, the OneDrive cache consists of placeholder icons, thumbnails, recently used files, etc. On the other hand, excess cache can cause your iOS device to be sluggish in the long run.

Before we proceed, you need to check the space OneDrive occupies on your iOS device. Here’s how to do that:

  • On your iOS device, launch the iOS Settings app.
  • In the Settings app, tap on General > iPhone/iPad Store > OneDrive
  • Check the space occupied by OneDrive on your device.

This will enable you to know the extent of the cache on your device. Now, we can proceed to clear OneDrive cache.

How to clear OneDrive Cache

OneDrive for iOS has a built-in option which allows you to clear its cache without hassles.

Here’s how:

  1. Launch OneDrive for iOS app, tap on the Profile icon (located at the upper-left corner)
  2. On the Profile menu, tap on Settings
  3. Now, scroll down through the More section, and then tap on Advanced menu
  4. Next, tap on the Clear Cache This will be indicated by a spinning circle.
  5. After the cache has been removed, you can then launch OneDrive on your iOS device without issues.

Alternatively, you can also clear OneDrive cache by using dedicated cache cleaners available on the iOS App Store.

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