How to Set Password in GBWhatsApp

set password in gbwhatsapp

Do you know that you can now set password in GBWhatsApp? Here’s how.

GBWhatsApp comes with an advanced set of features, most of which are not available on WhatsApp. The app is the modded edition of WhatsApp, albeit without official support or acknowledgement.

One of the key settings that makes GBWhatsApp stand out is its “password setting”, which is designed to protect the app and inherent chats from unsolicited/unauthorized access.

If you find this feature interesting and you’re looking to have it enabled, here is a guide for you.

How to Set Password in GBWhatsApp

It is an open secret that people engage in highly sensitive conversations (of various forms) through WhatsApp chats. And it could be disastrous or even fatal, if some of these chats get into the hands of a third-party.

So, while you can easily protect your phone, GBWhatsApp provides you with the opportunity to also protect your chats via passwords. And we’ll be guiding you through this procedure herein.

To set password in GBWhatsApp, follow the steps below:

  • Launch GBWhatsApp on your smartphone or tablet.
  • In the home window, click on the menu icon.
  • In the bridged window, select GB Settings.
  • Find and select Lock in the next window.
  • Locate the Enable Passcode option and tap on it.
  • Input your unique 4-digit passcode/password.
  • Re-enter the password, as prompted.
  • Close window.

Subsequently, after setting the password, you’d have to input the password to access your chats. This way, you can rest assured that your chats are save, even if others have free access to your phone.

Closing Note

If you own a business account (on WhatsApp) or you run business dealings through the platform, or you have highly sensitive information (conversations) you’d like to secure, you might want to get the GBWhatsApp app.

By having the app installed on your smartphone or tablet, your chats are kept safe from unauthorized access.

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