How to Fix GbWhatsapp Not Working

fix gbwhatsapp not working

GBWhatsApp is one of the best Whatsapp mod you can install on your android device. With GBWhatsApp, you can enjoy features like privacy mods, media modes, abundant themes you can choose from and other unique and awesome features not available on the conventional WhatsApp.

However, some users often complain of GBWhatsApp not working on their device. If you are encountering such challenges with your GBWhatsApp, you should check out the following fixes to get your GBWhatsApp working.

Fix: GBWhatsApp not working

Solution 1: Set your device’s date and time.

  • Tap on ‘Settings’ icon >> ‘Date & Time’
  • Make sure the ‘Automatic date & time is switched on by tapping on the switch button to display a coloured mode.
  • Make sure the ‘Automatic time zone’ switch is on by tapping the switch button to display a coloured mode.
  • Make sure your internet connection is on and working.

Solution 2: Disable any security app installed on your phone

  • You should go to ‘Settings’ >> ‘Apps’
  • Tap on the security app of your device
  • Tap ‘FORCE STOP’.

You can choose to delist GBWhatsApp from the list of apps considered as ‘harmful’ to your device from your security apps settings

Solution 3: Uninstall and reinstall GBWhatsapp

GBWhatsApp may not work due to file corruption from the site of download or a bug.

  • Tap on the ‘Settings icon in your launcher
  • Go to ‘Apps’, tap on ‘GBWhatsapp’
  • Tap on ‘Uninstall’ >> ‘OK’ to uninstall GBWhatsapp from your device
  • Download the latest version of GBWhatsapp from a more secure website or app store of your choice. You can download GBWhatsApp version 7.20 which is a recent version released to fix bugs associated with version 7.0 and other lower versions. But ensure you back up your chats before uninstalling and downloading a new version of GBWhatsApp.
  • Install and follow the procedures to verify your phone number.

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