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gmail alternatives

Reliability is an essential parameter when it comes to email apps. That’s why you tech users prefer Google Mail. Besides that, Gmail(mobile, web or desktop) has very nice features.

Recently, Gmail was redesigned by its developer. And until they introduce a night mode feature, some people still find it a bit awkward to use.

If you would like to use a Gmail alternative, then you’re probably in the right place. There are many third party apps that has similar functions to Gmail. In fact, a lot of people use them on their mobile phones. Let’s look at some of these alternatives.

Best Gmail Alternatives On Android

We will be looking at the best five apps that people often use instead of using gmail.

  1. Outlook By Microsoft

Microsoft developed this app in the cloud-first and mobile-first scheme. Outlook is one of the apps that have made it big among Android and IOS users. With its outstanding features, users have no option other than falling in love with it.

Outlook has the habit of selecting priority messages, and placing them on top of others. It also has solid colors, and a nice appearance.

  1. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail has a straightforward UI. It has a menu in which you can swipe left to view relevant options. Also, Yahoo mail allows you to access documents, and travel info.

Its other features include, contact support, choice of theme, fingerprint authentication. Google Drive, LinkedIn, and Dropbox are adds on supported on this emailing app.

  1. Sparks

Clients find this third party email app very easy, and comfortable to use. They have different tabs in which emails are being kept. The social messages are located in the social tabs, ad flyers are kept in newsletters. Important messages can be located in the priority tab. In here, already read messages are moved to the bottom while newly received messages are on top.


This third party app is one of the oldest on Android. Developers of this app have made functionality a priority over its appearance. Lots of features are put together. Features like the task view, calendar integration, focus inbox and much more.

There are some other gmail alternatives on app stores. So far, I’ve picked the best ones. It’s left for users to look for a preferred one with the needed features.

Do you have any Gmail alternative that did not make out list?

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