How to Fix Facebook Error 602 on Android Device

facebook error 602 android

This article is for those experiencing the Facebook Android 602 error.

“ The error prompt indicates “Sorry, an unexpected error occurred. Please try again later. ({602}) API_ERROR:API_ERROR)”.

This type of error occurs when there’s a misconfiguration of some system files. It prevents you from accessing Facebook. Let’s look at some ways to fix this type of issue.

How to Fix Facebook Android 602 Error

Like I said earlier this error occurs as a result of some misconfigured system files. Users experiencing this should simply apply any of the solutions below.

Solution 1: Clear Data and Cache

Firstly, users should locate the settings on their device. Choose the option “App Manager. The different apps on your device will be displayed. Make sure to empty the data and cache storage, then force close the Facebook app and relaunch it. Now you can try to login again.

Solution 2: Install Newest Update

Sometimes all it takes is to uninstall the old version of Facebook, if that’s what you’re using. They could contain bugs. Get an updated version from Google Play Store. Most cases are being solved with this method.

Solution 3: Boot Your Android into Recovery Mode

If after trying the above procedures and the problem still persist; what you should do now is to boot your Android into recovery mode. After doing that, ensure to clear cache partitions, go back to your login page. This ought to work out.

Solution 4: Backup and Reset Your Device

If all methods haven’t been of help, this is the last method to try. You should reset your device. Note that it is essential to backup your important data before resetting. Don’t go through the risk of losing them.


Lastly, those are the appropriate solutions for fixing the Facebook error 602 on Android devices. You can try out any of them in no particular order until the issue is resolved.

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