6 Best alternative OS for Android devices

best alternative os for android

Are you looking for the best alternative Operating System (OS) for your Android device?

Devices running on different Android versions (Android fragmentation) has been generating issues as it is claimed that Android fragmentation leads to bad app performance, development problems, security issues, etc.

Although, before these challenges facing Android, there have been alternative OS probably not heard of but are worthy alternatives to Google’s Android.

Best alternative OS for Android devices

  1. LineageOS

This is a stand-alone ROM that works by combining Google’s AOSP code with custom code. With the custom ROM, users can customize their settings and interface to suit their taste although it does not come preinstalled with Google and other preinstalled apps.

Lineage OS offers the advantages of faster updates, easy installation and stable OS. It is available for over 180 smartphone brands like Xiaomi, Google Pixel, Lenovo, Motorola, etc.

  1. KaiOS

This is an OS based on the defunct Firefox OS, although it is a Linux OS. It is the second most popular OS in India with over 100 million users. KaiOS runs on non-smartphones by adding smartphone functionalities like 4G, Wi-Fi, GPS and HTML5 based apps. It is a web-based OS made popular in India by Jio Phone.

  1. Ubuntu Touch

Ubuntu Touch is an open-source optimized Ubuntu OS designed to run on smartphones and also function on PC. The OS comes with basic open-source apps like messaging, calendar, Telegram, music app, weather, maps, etc. it can also be customized based on the needs of a smartphone manufacturer or user.

Ubuntu touch is a community-based project maintained by donations from the public.

  1. Tizen OS by Samsung

Tizen is an open-source OS developed by Samsung for some of its phones, although it could not stand the competitive market. Currently, the OS is used by Samsung smartwatches, televisions and other smart home devices from Samsung.

  1. Plasma Mobile

This is one of the best Android OS alternative currently in the market although it is still undergoing development and intended for use on the Nexus 5X.

Plasma Mobile can be used as an interface by checking for Halium compatibility and following the porting guide.

  1. Paranoid OS

This is one of the OS with a user interface that offers users a better experience. The OS comes customized with features for better user experience. It is also, one of the OS with a highly featured custom ROMs to be developed.

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