How to fix Skype error 101 on Google Play

skype error 101 play store

Many Android users with the intents to download Skype on their mobile device reported getting the error code 101 from the Google Play.

The error prompt says: Skype could not be downloaded due to an error. (-101).”

On the other hand, some users were able to fix this simply by rebooting their devices while others reported it was a Google Play error. We do admit that this may be a frustrating issue; hence, we will show you effective solutions to fix the problem.

How to fix Skype error 101 on Google Play

Solution 1: Uninstall unused apps

Old or unwanted apps may occupy internal storage space meant for Skype system files on your device. In other words, you need to free up your storage space to allow the installation of new apps most especially Skype – which occupies space.

Therefore, you should check the list of already-installed apps on your device and then uninstall them one-by-one. Afterwards, you can re-download Skype from the Google Play Store.

Solution 2: Add Google Account

Skype error 101 problem may occur if you don’t have a connected Google account on Google Play.

Here’s how to resolve this: Go to Settings.

  • Tap on Accounts menu.
  • Now, click on Google option.
  • Tap on Add
  • Enter your Google account details
  • Afterwards, launch Google Play.
  • Then, re-download Skype

This should resolve the issue but if not, proceed.

Solution 3: Clear Play Store Cache

Excess Google Play cache and data can cause software conflicts which may trigger the Skype error 101 problem on Google Play.

To clear the Google Play cache, do this:

  • Press the Menu button > Settings
  • Now, go to Application > Manage Applications > Play Store.
  • Then, tap the Clear Cache, and Clear Data options respectively.
  • Reboot your device
  • Launch Play Store and then re-download Skype.

Solution 4: Update your Android OS

Outdated Android OS are prone to Google Play Store errors. If you use an outdated or lower Android versions devices, you need to update to the compatible Skype OS version.

Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings > About phone
  • Now, tap on System Update
  • Then Click on Update
  • Wait for the Update process to be completed.

Note: Ensure you have internet connection before updating your Android OS.

Did you solve the Skype error 101 on Google Play? Tell us by commenting below.

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