4 Top Unknown Google Apps you didn’t know

top unknown google apps

As an Android user, have you ever wondered how many Google apps are unknown to you? This article will shed some light on some handy, yet unknown Google apps.

A typical Android user is quite familiar with notable Google apps like YouTube, Google Play, Gmail, GoogleDrive and the likes. However, to the oblivion of many, there are thousands of relatively unpopular Google apps, many of which are equally or even more useful than the conventional/popular ones.

Follow through this article, as we bring you a list of four impressive Google apps that are relatively unknown.

Here are the Top Unknown Google Apps

It is important to note that some of these apps are hidden on Play Store, providing access to only a handful of privileged users. Nonetheless, a good number of them are easily accessible on Play Store.

  1. Science Journal

Science Journal is an ideal choice for explorers/scientists looking to unravel mysteries and solve scientific problems. The app offers you a durable avenue for recording observations and findings, which may include documents, photos and/or video files.

Furthermore, the app provides you access to basic scientific tools like compass, accelerator, magnetometer, ambient light and sound sensor among others.

The app is not new, but somehow, it has not been able to garner as much recognition as its contemporaries.

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  1. Google Trips

Google Trips is an advanced travel tool, which is basically used to schedule trips. It offers a streamlined interface, which incorporates your Gmail app/account and a host of other relevant apps. This way, you’re able to schedule your trips in line with your preferences.

Google Trips, like Science Journal, is available on Play Store, and it’s accessible to all interested parties (with supported devices).

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  1. Accessibility Scanner

Accessibility Scanner is a handy Google app, which is especially designed for Android users with vision impairment. The tool allows users to assess an app and request a specific performance-enhancing feature(s). This way, users don’t really need to put in lengthy wordings to make requests or lodge complaints.

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  1. PhotoScan

PhotoScan is another excellent utility app, which is relatively unknown to Android users. The app basically serves as a scanner for scanning photographs and documents among others. Its streamlined platform also allows direct export of scanned photos/documents to Google Photos.

You can get the app on Google Play Store.

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