2 Ways to Play Store error BM-GVHD-06

play store error bm gvhd 06

Have you come across error BM-GVHD-06 on Google Play Store while using the Google Play gift card? Let’s show you how to fix this.

Error BM-GVHD-06 is one of the many Play Store errors which prevent successful installation of apps from the Play Store. Nevertheless, it has been reported that this error is mostly common whenever Google Play card (gift card) is put to use.

Therefore, we will show you some of the effective methods to fix this problem.

How to fix error BM-GVHD-06 on Play Store

Before we proceed, try to restart your Android device the moment the error code shows up. Also, ensure that the Google Play card is genuine.

If you still encounter the issue afterwards, then you can try these enlisted solutions.

Solution 1: Clear Cache and Data

An effective workaround to clear this error problem is to clear cache. While there are cache cleaner apps which you can use on your Android device, you can manually clear cache as well.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Applications
  • Tap Play Store > Force Stop
  • Then, Clear Cache and Data
  • Subsequently, launch Play Store and re-download the app(s).

Solution 2: Reset Google Play Store

Error BM-GVHD-06 can also be fixed by resetting Play Store app.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to Setting > Apps.
  • Then, tap on Play Store > Uninstall Updates
  • After you have uninstalled the Play Store updates, restart your android device
  • Then use Google Play card again.

Lastly, if you still experience the error BM-GVHD-06 after you have applied our solutions, you may have to contact the Google support team and report the issue to them. The solutions we mentioned above are highly effective to fix the error code.

Let us know your experience with the Google Play card. Simply, drop a comment below.

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