How to boost slow Wi-Fi connection on your Smartphone

boost slow wi fi connection

Slow Wi-Fi connections are quite frustrating because it causes a delay in downloading media content, interfere with games, audio or video calls, and other activities. However, there are ways by which slow Wi-Fi connections can be boosted

How to Boost Slow Wi-Fi connection

Before starting on troubleshooting your Wi-Fi speed, check out your internet connection speed by visiting a speed-test website.

Speed test websites will show you your upload and download speed. This will let you know if your Wi-Fi connection is fast or slow.

Solution 1: change the location of your router

Wi-Fi routers are most often placed in obscure places where it cannot be easily seen. It is advisable to place your Wi-Fi router at the center To boost a slow Wi-Fi connection, preferably on a raised platform to reduce interference to the minimum level. If you live in a multi-storied building, you should position your Wi-Fi router at the center of the building to increase Wi-Fi access and connection speed.

Solution 2: Reduce Wireless Interference

Wireless appliances like cell phones, baby monitors, Bluetooth devices, etc. can interfere with Wi-Fi connection speeds. To prevent such interference, you should eliminate tools and other obstructions that can interfere with your Wi-Fi speed. You can bring the router closer to your devices to give you better connection speed.

Solution 3: Reboot your Wi-Fi router once in every fortnight

Rebooting is a well-known trick of boosting slow Wi-Fi connection speed. To reset your router, follow the steps below.

  • Hold down the power button till your router goes off completely
  • Disconnect the power cable from the source and the router
  • Wait for about 30 seconds or more
  • Reconnect your router to the power source and switch on your router
  • Wait for the router to boot up.

Solution 4: Update your Antivirus software regularly

Slow Wi-Fi connection can also be attributed to malware like virus and worms. It is advisable to update the antivirus software on your PC regularly to keep out malware from disrupting your Wi-Fi connection.

Solution 5: Replace your Wi-Fi router

You should consider replacing your router with a router that supports the 802.11ac wireless networking standard. 802.11ac is faster than the conventional 802.11a/b/n.

You can upgrade your router’s antennae to increase your Wi-Fi connection speed. Mesh Wi-Fi system can also be used to boost a slow Wi-Fi connection using multiple routers.

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