How To Use IP Webcam On Your Smartphone

ip webcam smartphone

Communication is very essential in our day-to-day activities. Sometimes, we want to reach out to someone, could be a friend, family, or colleagues at work. The webcam has been very useful in situations like this. A webcam is used to communicate on your PC. The only challenge faced by some people is not having one on your PC.

Here, we’ll be discussing how to use the webcam on your smartphone. Videos are being transferred from your device to your PC; hence, the PC records them and sends as webcam videos.

Devices that don’t have a remote camera can still be used for webcam communication. IP Webcam app is used to contact both loved ones and work-related individuals. You can simply connect to anyone in the world using IP Webcam on your mobile phone. Here are the quick procedures to get it configured on your device.

Use IP Webcam On Your Smartphone

First, you should have a very good connection so the process does not abort. Your phone and PC ought to be connected through a shared wireless network. Having done that, kindly follow the steps below;

  1. Download and install the IP Webcam app on your Android device.
  2. Launch the app, the configuration page will be displayed. Select the “Start server” option.
  3. Once clicked, data will be transferred from your camera.
  4. The IP Webcam app will transmit this data to a particular port.
  5. Locate “How do I connect”
  6. Then “Connect directly”.
  7. Choose the preference “I’m using a Wi-Fi router”.
  8. Copy the IP address displayed.
  9. Enter the given IP address on your PC’s browser.
  10. Your camera will display right on the screen. Enter the “Video Renderer” option and choose “Browser”. In the “Audio Player” section, choose “HTML5 Wav”.
  11. Ensure that it is your camera sequences displayed on the screen.

That’s it! Your Android device is now capable of transmitting videos to your PC. It now acts as a webcam. Also, you can select other features to enhance your usage.
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