Google Play Store 16.3.36 Launched With Improvements And Fixes

Google is a non-stop, never-ending wonderland of information and entertainment. The Google Play Store is perhaps the best example of the vast resources you can access from the company. The Play Store has more than 450.000 apps, thousands of films and documentaries, and millions upon millions of songs and books. Now, Google Play Store 16.3.36 rolled out with improvements and bug fixes.

The Google Play Store is quite interactive as the user can sample a digital product before buying it. The app ratings and reviews are a significant source of confidence as they confirm the integrity of a product. It is difficult to find a way for the Google Play Store to let you down, especially with its latest security updates.

Why is the Google Play Store so good

  • The Cloud – Google services wonder that they work, however, and whenever you want. You can access an eBook through a website, an app, or on your PC. All of them at the same time if that is what you want. The Google Play Cloud is free and very versatile.
  • Sharing – We established that you could spread content around your devices whenever you want, which is especially useful when you get a new one. You’re just one sign-in away from all the Google content you want. But the Play Store content can also be recommended to your friends by pressing a button.
  • Music – The Google Play Store has all the music you need. The service may not be as complete as Spotify, but it is gaining fast. The store gives you personal recommendations based on your taste. It’s like your best friend suggesting music to you. Tons of free music is also available on the platform.
  • Books – There are lots of people around the world that like to read. Many of them have ditched hard copies in favor of digital ones. Make one purchase and have it available on any device until the end of time. Offline reading is something quite common to do, and this feature is available on the Play Store.
  • Games – If you’re not into reading, you fill your free time by getting digital thrills from a variety of games in the Play Store. There are many suggestions to help you search and find your favorite games. These are usually sorted by type or popularity, but there’s also an editor’s choice list.

Google Play Store 16.3.36 Comes With Improvements And Bug Fixes

Recently Google Play Store released an update with a revamped design. However, the new Google Play Store 16.3.36 brings some improvements and bug fixes to that previous version.

Commonly, the Google Play Store automatically updates, so you don’t have to do anything to have the newest version. However, if you don’t want to wait for the OTA update, you can download the Google Play Store 16.3.36 as an APK file.

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