How to fix Google Play Error 963 problem

fix google play error 963

One of the NewsLair readers reported getting the Google Play Store error 963 prompt during app downloads. Therefore, we will cover how to troubleshooting the error problem in this post.

Google Play Store error code 963 is usually signified with the prompt display:

*Application xxx* can’t be downloaded. Try again, …… get help troubleshooting.(Error code: 963).

Probable cause for this error includes excess Google Play Store cache, SD card error, and insufficient storage space.

Nevertheless, you should attempt any of our enlisted solutions to fix this nagging issue.

How to fix Play Store error 963 problem

Solution 1: Check SD card

As we mentioned above SD card errors can cause the Google Play Store error 963 problem. You can easily resolve this by checking your SD card if it is accessible or not. Alternatively, you can remount SD to do so.

Here’s how to unmount SD card

  • Go to Setting > Storage
  • Tap on “Unmount SD card”
  • Open Google Play Store
  • Download the problematic app again
  • Then, go back to Settings > Storage
  • Now, tap on “Remount SD card”

Alternatively, you can replace the SD card if it is faulty.

Solution 2: Move the app to internal storage

Google Play Store error 963 occurs mostly when the app is stored installed on the SD card most especially apps which requires storage on the device’s internal storage. In order to resolve this, you should move the ‘concerned app’ to the internal storage for the update process.

Here’s how to do this:

  • Go to Settings > Applications > All > (problematic app)
  • Now, tap on the Move to internal memory option.
  • Open Google Play Store
  • Then attempt to update the app again.
  • After update, move the app from internal memory to the SD card.

On the other hand, you can free up your internal storage memory to enable you download new apps without issues like the error code 963.

Solution 3: Clear Play Store Cache

Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings > Applications
  • Locate the Google Play Store
  • Force Stop Google Play Store
  • Then Clear Data and Cache.
  • Repeat the same procedure for:

Google Play Service

Download Manager

Google Services Framework

  • After that, relaunch Google Play Store

Any of these troubleshooting solutions should resolve Google Play Store error 963. If this worked for you, simply leave a comment below.

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