Google Pixel 4 rumors about design, Face ID, specs and more

Google will take us by storm with its newest release. Get ready for a better experience and assured protection. Design at another level and some features which will work flawlessly, they said. More about Google Pixel 4 we are going to find out next!

Google developers prepared its latest device to look effortlessly amazing and to work flawlessly, all of that for the best experience ever. Google Pixel 4 was proudly announced worldwide later this year and received October as a launch date.

Last year, the numbers weren’t quite what the developers expected, because Pixel 3 and 3 XL didn’t make a significant impression, selling few units, despite their amazing cameras. It is believed that this happened only because the devices were exclusive to Verizon. other disadvantages were the price of the device, being too expensive, and its performance issues. Google, however, took the decision that this time they will come stronger than ever by introducing two brand-new devices, Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL.

The company launched its 6th and final beta update for Android Q, meaning they are really prepared this time around. Google also, made an unexpected move by leaking an official picture of the Pixel 4 in June, and then they even release a teaser on YouTube, showing some features like a face unlock and some motion-sensing option.

The Google Pixel 4 devices must face their rivals, the iPhone and its IOS system, and Samsung, too. We will have to wait until its release, but some guessing or rumors are very welcome. Take a look at some confirmed features and rumors, as well:

  • Square camera;
  • Unlock and motion sensors;
  • Just one front-facing camera – more likely;
  • October as launch date – more likely;
  • 90Hz display – rumor;
  • 2 back-cameras – rumor;
  • Advanced dual-SIM skills;

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