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Guide: Changing Your Skype Username

Skype’s name gained weight when the age of technology started to push people towards long-distance communication methods that don’t necessarily require a paid subscription. We use it daily to converse…

Google Play Store vs. Apple App Store – Does More Means Better?

There has always been an on-going battle between the two competitor platforms: iOS and Android. The rivalry does not refer only to the number of users each platform has, but…

Clash Royale: July Update Available to Download with New Leaks

Recently, the Clash Royale development team has kept giving us hints about the changes that are yet to come to the game. We are talking about the next major update….

Microsoft Windows 1.11 Mysterious Tweets Were A Reference To Netflix’s Stranger Things 3

Last week, Microsoft posted a weird tweet on its official Twitter page, showing a pic with Microsoft Windows 1.11, the operating system the company launched in the 80s. The company…

PlayStation 5 Marketed By Sony As A Niche Product

Sony and Microsoft decided to gradually reveal tiny details about their next generation of consoles, instead of showing everything at once. The companies have been hinting and teasing fans with…

cannot connect to app store on ios

Cannot connect to App Store on iOS [Quick Fix]

iOS App Store is one of the prominent app repositories for downloading iOS apps. However, many iOS users encountered the ‘cannot connect to App Store’ error on their iOS device….