How to Use iMessage On Android

use imessage on android

iMessage is a little bit different from the normal messaging app. Although, they are both for sending messages. iMessage doesn’t require any tariff plan based on your mobile carrier. Instead, your cellular data is used.
Somehow, Android always competes with Apple in creating the best product. But, iMessage was strictly created for Apple product users. However, some techies and programmers have introduced iMessage on Android to carry out similar functions. Nobody saw that coming, users can now send iMessage texts, files and other things from their Android devices.

How to use iMessage on Android

  1. Get SMS For iMessage App
    SMS for iMessage app is created for getting iMessages on your Android. These messages are routed from Mac iMessage clients to Android phones. Download and install the app. After that, you can access your desktop iMessage app for sending and receiving SMS messages.
     2.  Install weServer
    weServer also allows you to send iMessages on Android. Get the MacOS version installed. In cases when the file is in .zip file format, unzipping the file is necessary. Having done that, run a command file by double-clicking. Note that the file may not open if downloaded from an unsecured channel.
    3.  Grant Access
    Terminal Accessibility permission should be enabled for weServer to run smoothly. To do this, navigate to “Setting” > “Security and Privacy” > “Accessibility”, then check the terminal box.
    4.  Open iMessage Account
    You will be required to set up an account with iMessage, make sure you put down the same email address used for iMessage. Also, ensure that you use a secure password.
    5.  Get weMessage Installed
    After completing the above steps, download and install the weMessage app on your Android device. Navigate to your system preferences, locate and double click on “Network”. Your system’s private IP should be available right in the advanced option for TCP/IP.
    6.  Login, Sync And Start Using IMessage on your Android Phone
    Once you have obtained your IP address, log in with the necessary details. To sync contacts, grant access to Mac Terminal, then click on the “Sync Contact” option right in your setting.
    That’s it! With these steps, iMessage should work perfectly on your Android phone.

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