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PUBG Lite Has Lots Of Issues To Sort Out Before Its Global Release

PUBG is one of the best battle royale games out there. A PUBG Lite version is currently available in many countries around the world. However, people have started complaining about…

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How To Connect Your Favorite Game Controller To your PC or Mac Computer

Does your favorite console game controller give you problem whenever you try connecting them to your PC or Mac? Well, you need to know about game controllers for efficient use….

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How to add attachments to reminders on your iOS device

Apple’s reminder is used to keep track of certain activities on the iPhone. The app satisfies users with its available features. This reminder app is very useful to carry out…

Google Play Store 16.0.15 APK Data Mining Revealed Video Auto-Play And Material Theme

Users are probably eagerly expecting the Google Play Store to feature the Material Theme the most. Work has been done on the Store since April 2019 and has been continued…

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Facebook Lite stuck on Android loading screen [Effective Solutions]

Facebook Lite app users often encounter various issues at one time or the other when attempting to use the Facebook Lite app. One of such problems is the freezing or…